Use AWS as IaaS/Paas

Use AWS as IaaS/Paas

All our servers on the cloud, we almost always deploy them on AWS alone. AWS by Amazon is the oldest of all the cloud computing platforms.

In general, we would like to stick with AWS because,

  • AWS is the oldest and in our opinion the most mature
  • We generally don’t trust products by Google (They tend to change too fast, most often they tend to kill products that you rely on, just like that when they feel like.)
  • Paas Services like Linode, Heroku, etc are good but you tend to hit the limit on these very often.
  • AWS is cost-effective

AWS is much harder and less user-friendly than Heroku, Linode, Digital ocean, etc, but the opinion here is that AWS is a good bet to compound on. The wisdom and expertise that you gain on AWS is likely to stay with you and tends to be more useful for various types of products.

Use the AWS managed services as much as possible to reduce devops requirements.

Within AWS, whenever possible we also prefer to use the managed services by AWS. RDS, Elastic search, Elastic Beanstalk, Redis are examples of managed services by AWS. Instead of running these services by ourselves on ec2 machines, these managed services reduce our devops requirements significantly!

Our team’s value proposition is to solve the business problem using software. Managing services for database, redis, etc are well-known problems. There is very little value to add that our team can add to it. So use managed service whenever possible.


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