Use javascript as programming language

Use javascript as programming language

There are tons of debates on what programming language to use for building web applications. The most popular ones include Python, Ruby, Javascript, PHP, etc. As an individual I prefer to use javascript because of a couple of reasons:

  • Javascript cant be avoided – any front end logic will need javascript
  • Javascript represents the real world and its chaos better. Event-driven nature of javascript feels a lot more natural to me.
  • As a person who likes to wear multiple hats(sometimes force to) such as function as a product guy or function as a marketing guy, I like to minimize switching costs. Switching between roles is hard enough. Don’t want to be switching programming languages too. Switching between a front end language(js) and a backend language(ruby, python) is also a significant switching cost.
  • No blocking nature of javascript means, javascript appears to be faster. A t2.micro node server can take a lot more requests that a t2.micro django server.
  • Javascript is literally everywhere.

Of course, javascript is not the solution to everything in the world but is a really good enough first solution to almost everything. If you figure out you really need to do performance optimization on something that requires another language, go for it. The good thing is that your first version of the same in javascript at least helped you establish that it is a solution worth performance optimizing for.

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