Use Sailsjs as web framework

Use Sailsjs as web framework

We love sailsjs. Of course, it has flaws, but for our team size and the nature of the team we would like to build, sailsjs works really well for us.

If we had a choice, we would have used ruby on rails as a web framework but since we wanted to use only javascript as a programming language, sailsjs is a really good alternative. Sailsjs is loosely based on the philosophies of Rails but is a javascript framework. We love the convention over configuration philosophies of sails. We don’t want to be spending a ton of time doing the basics again and again.

Most people find a ton of faults with the waterline ORM that sails use. At higher scale, the waterline is genuinely a bottleneck. We are not too concerned. We just write raw queries at that point when we do want to make performant queries.

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