Author: Alex J V

Author: Alex J V

Create a new marketing site using wordpress

Stack We use WordPress deployed via docker on elastic beanstalk for marketing sites. All these sites,,, are hosted using this stack. This is our stack: WordPress MySQL Docker S3 Amazon Linux Elastic Beanstalk Divi Installation steps Step 1: Fork our basic wordpress repo The basic scaffolding for our setup can be…

Adding and removing users from a business unit( Account/Org)

This is a design pattern for adding/removing users from a business unit such as an account or org. For Cashflowy, this business unit is an org. For Mr Albert, this business unit is a GSTIN(Goods and Services Tax Identification Number). For ParseMonkey, this business unit is an account. Whatever the business unit is called in…

Migration script for changing datetime back to timestampz from int8

From Sails 1.0, sails updated the data type of createdAt and updateAt field from timestampz to int8. The new config in model.js looks like as follows: The problem with this is that unix timestamp is far less human-readable than timestampz. Compare – 1581761177000 with 2020-02-15T10:06:17.000Z . Which one do you think is more readable? The…

Use business-stack-generator to setup scaffolding for a new app

We have an npm module that we custom wrote to generate basic scaffolding for an application. We call this the business-stack-generator. Npm install the generator into your sailsjs project. Run the generator to set up the right scaffolding for the application. The business stack generator currently build scaffolding for the following items: Bull Semantic UI